Location : Riyadh
Team: supply chain

Ensure that the company’s operations are appropriate and cost effective. You will assist with all demand planning duties including estimating future product demand, stock flow analysis, and development of forecast models.


Order planning:

  • Creating orders – communicating with suppliers to obtain the required
  • inventory according to the sales forecast
  • Control over the delivery plan for shipments to warehouses
  • Distribution of inventory among branches based on the sales forecast
  • Managing stock transfers from warehouses to branches

Inventory Management :

  • Identify and control slow-moving items, and provide stock for fast-moving items in coordination with the selling team
  • ABC Analysis – Distribution of inventory into categories based on sales performance of items
  • Focus on non-saleable items and inventory
  • Highlight the effects of forecast accuracy on inventory with respect to availability
  • Conduct meetings with sales team to focus on inventory challenges and plan accordingly
  • Conducting meetings with suppliers to review sales performance, annual planning and forecasting, and finding solutions for unavailable items
  • Create forecast models based on industry trends and demand patterns
    Perform an ABC analysis
  • Support management with risk analysis and development in forecasting accuracy
  • Create and implement solutions that evolve from accurate forecasting to demand
  • Receipt of forecast and forecast of the required stock size based on the request to the management
  • Monitor sales movement and notify of any significant changes in sales forecasts, budgets, and business strategies
  • Construction to forecast demand for maintenance
  • Dealing with matters related to planning requests quickly and effectively

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